The CMOs are derived from the forest soil biom. The forest soil biom is known to convert anaerobic processes into aerobic processes. This makes it remarkable in ways that we still do not understand. It    is    known    that    biomolecules    are    formed    differently    depending    on    the    requirements    and    the    type    of substance to be transformed. Science   has   so   far   been   of   the   opinion   that   it   has   identified   all   microorganisms   found   in   the   biom   of   the forest floor - this was a big mistake .   Today   we   know   that   besides   the   microbes   that   can   be   cultivated   in   Petri dishes,   there   is   a   huge   number   of   microbes   that   are   not   known   because they cannot be cultivated in petri dishes. A   new   analytical   technique   called   "methagenomics"   reveals   that   we know less than 1% of the microbes. The   new   findings   from   methagenomics   are   so   incomprehensible   that   they   led   Julian   Davies,   Professor Emeritus, Microbiology and Immunology, UBC / Canada  to the following quote: Once the diversity of the microbial world is catalogued, it will make astronomy look like a pitiful science! To learn more about methangenomics, watch the short video inserted here, it will fascinate you.
The big difference How do CMOs differ from the original forest soil biom. This is already derived from the name CMO - C ondittioned M icro O rganisms. What must be understood by conditioned? Conditioned   does   not   mean   biologically   modified   -   on   the   contrary,   it   means   the   unique   ability   of   the   biome   to adapt    to    special    challenges    and    then    master    the    challenge    with    the    ideal    configuration    of    the microorganisms. The   KADELE   has   succeeded   in   stimulating   this   characteristic   of   the   biome   in   a   subtle,   completely   natural way , so that the best composition of microbes is used depending on the requirements. This is why CMOs are so much more efficient than the original biom. This is applied BIONICS technic in its best form - the incredible possibilities that nature offers us to use to significantly increase effectiveness.
BASICS This graph explains the difference between Anaerobic and Aerobic
The secret of CMOs
That's what CMOs do. bring the manure from  this milieu to this milieu
KADELE biological high-performance agriculture
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