The emissions emitted by the liquid manure correspond to approx. 2/3 of the CO2 emissions of all German traffic!
The nitrates in liquid manure make our groundwater toxic! The constant outgassing of ammonia from the slurry destroys the health of the animals!
Fine dust is extremely dangerous! 50.000 people in Germany die 2.5 years earlier from inhaling toxic fine dust!
Danger No. 1
Danger No. 2
Danger No. 3
Danger No. 4
In order to keep the animals healthy, an extreme amount of antibiotics is used, which leads to multi-resistant bacteria. Multi-resistant bacteria are among the greatest dangers for the entire human race.
When the liquid manure is sprayed onto the fields, not only ammonia and fine dust are released into the environment, but also the ultra dangerous multi-resistant germs!
Danger No. 5
The liquid manure emits 200 million tons of CO2 equivalent annually, which is an extreme impact on the climate. The elimination of the slurry problem is equivalent to the CO2 free driving of 2/3 of all German cars!
The massive poisoning of our groundwater is destroying our livelihood!
The Solution
What are CMO s? C onditioned M icro O rganisms Microorganisms are natural microbes obtained from healthy forest soil. These microbes are already very effectively combined by nature. In   years   of   empirical   research,   it   has   been   possible   to   increase   the   performance of this microbiome through gentle, natural conditioning. The   CMOs   are   able   to   convert   the   liquid   manure   from   the   anarobic   environment into an aerobic environment in a very short time. This   means   that   a   total   conversion   takes   place   in   the   slurry,   which   turns   the dangerous,   smelly   slurry   into   an   almost   odourless,   very   valuable   fertilizer   in which there are no more pathogenic germs. In   which   the   nitrate   is   bound   and   thus   does   not   get   into   the   drinking   water,   but remains available for the roots. The   converted   slurry   no   longer   emits   any   foul   gases,   which   can   cause   serious damage to the environment and the climate. You can see how CMO s work in practice from our reference list.
The Big Difference
That's what CMOs do. bring the manure from  this milieu to this milieu
Aerosol consists of micro small particles that rise as an aerosol mist. This fine mist is distributed homogeneously in the barn by fans. The aerosol thus creates an extremely large "active surface". It is already known from chemistry that the larger the "active surfaces" are, the faster and more effective chemical and biological reactions take place. The same applies to biological processes - the CMO aerosol generator distributes the micro-organisms extremely finely and into each well, so that a fast and complete conversion of the anaerobic slurry into aerobic slurry takes place. It has been found that the application of CMOs by aerosol mist is the most effective and economical method. The application of the CMO aerosol directly in the barn prevents damage to the environment and the climate. Another important aspect is that the animals no longer have to stand in the toxic ammonia all the time. Thus the animals remain much healthier and more efficient.
Why Aerosol
CMOs free animal husbandry from harmful slurry 
You will never again be angry about stinking fields and enjoy nature.
Here you can get more information about  our CMOs
CMO-Substrate is absolutely harmless you can even drink it!
The slurry conversion directly at the emergence!
KADELE biological high-performance agriculture
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